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weather. it's a fire starter snee a firestorm firefighters just can't seem to get a handle on. the rim fire has been burning for five days now and it's burned more than 54,000 acres and so far, it's only 2% contained. >> we can't go direct. it's too dangerous. you look over this edge right here and see how dangerous it is. like i say, people want to know why we didn't put firefighters down there and i say, why put your children down there? no. the answer is always no. >> the fire crossed highway 120 forcing crews to close the highway leading to yosemite valley and reroute park visitors on to highway 140. folks that live in the groveland yooi area remain on pins and needles. hundreds have heeded warnings to evacuate.
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>> first time it's ever happened to me. a little bit shook up. it's in god's hands. i got to let whatever is going to happen happen. the firemen are doing everything they can. i'll wait and find out. >> so far, more than 1400 firefighters are out here battling this blaze and more firefighters are on the way. they say it is frustrating that they haven't been able to make much progress. but they say they are confident if they keep giving it all they have, they will eventually contain it. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. here's another live look at the fire. you can see it there, how massive it is and how much smoke coming up. bay area chief meteorologist jeff ranieri got a bird's eye view of the fire and he's here to explain what that's telling him about the fire, jeff? >> it's fascinating, terry. we look at the conditions and firefighters have had help when it comes to the weather. we're not looking at hundreds of
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lightning strikes across the sierra like yesterday. imagine how much more explosive this fire could be at the weather conditions were worse. which they could be this time for this time of year. winds are 10 to 20 miles an hour expected over the next 24 hours and humidity, 20 to 40% with temperatures in the upper 80s. even the humidity is not as dry as we could have. here's stunning video from at least 30,000 feet up sent to us by my facebook viewer, steve ziegler. you see cloud tops there. very reminiscent of a thunderstorm. looking at this, by all indications what i'm seeing is the fact that this fire is creating its own storm. up and down drafts. hot and predictable winds for the firefighters and that's a huge factor on why we saw this fire more than double throughout past 24 hours senting embers, ashes and all kinds of
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particulate party miles away. our own bay area weather and improving conditions in the seven-day forecast coming up later on, you guys? >> 'jeff, thank you very much. the coverage of the rim fire son our website. you'll find a rhee video of the fire. go to our website, you can't miss it. it's our top story today. new at 5:00 tonight, an all-out search in santa clara county. federal agents and federal version are looking for registered sex defenders. these are people that slipped through the cracks and usually officers are unable to find them? >> reporter: investors spend the day scouring this camp. they want to make sure that sex offenders who are transients don't fall off the grid. the search is on in creek beds and homeless encampmentes in santa clara county.
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investigators from the santa clara shamp's department, u.s. marshal's service and the fbi are working together to find sex offenders who registered as transients. more than 4,000 sex offenders in the county and 535 are registered as transients and they are required to reregister every 30 days which is why the task force is challenging the job of tracking them down. >> they have lookouts. as soon as law enforcement comes down here they have a way of notifying people that larw enforcement son the way and go elsewhere and wait until we leave and return back. >> in the process deputies found several people who are not sex offenders but who are wanted for other crimes. this woman was offered on a warrant for drug-related crimes. this paroleee was arrested on a
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drug violation. >> we find people with weapons, people on parole. >> reporter: this is the first of a two-day sweep and investors are looking for this man and this man, both registered sex offenders and investors say this effort to keep sex offenders from falling off the grid is especially important because an elementary school is just a few hundred yaerrds away from the creek bed. investors made ten arrested but only one of them was a transient who was a registered sex offenders who had not recently registered. reporting live, marianne favreau, nbc bay area news. a big scare at santa clara superior court. a suspicious package was found at the courthouse in san jose. the administration building and family courthouse were evacuated with streets in the area were shut down while authorities scoured the building and within an hour the area kwus given all-clear. the court said the activities at
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park center plaza were cancelled for the day but all other operations were carried on. a casino tour bus overturned on interstate 210 in los angeles. the bus driver swerved and braked hard to avoid a car changing lanes. the front windows were knocked out and the bus land down an embankment. most of the people on board had cuts and bruises. the charter company says the bus was on its way to the san manuel indian bingo. all of the 210 was shut down so the emergency helicopters could land. traffic was backed up for miles. the chp opened up the lanes about an hour later. the search is called off for the missing service dog belonging to a south bay veteran. the dog was hit and killed by a car. jeff wilson in a wheelchair because of recent knee virge
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grie -- knee surgery. he hopes a new dog can be found. he was trained by operation freedom paws. wilson served 14 years in the army and he said lobo helped him go playses. the loss 06 accreditation. the city filed two lawsuits in an attempt to restore the school's standing. the state's largest city college has been in an ongoing battle with the acc jc, the private agency which yanked the school's accreditation. they have a stricter format for preparing students. he says that leaves too many people out. >> underserved and disadvantaged student who is would benefit from ree media class work and underemployed adults, seniors, disabled students and new parents, immigrants learning eeng learn as a second language and other nontraditional
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learners. >> they filed aid separate lawsuit against the board of governors of california community colleges claiming it should be judging accreditation and not handing off the job to another agency. most of the focus 06 the new bay branch has been on drivers a new walking and biking path is set to share in the grand opening. today crews worked on sections of the path. the path is 15.5'wide and the chp says it will have bike officers patrolling the path on a regular basis. they are racing for a flood of traffic on september 3rd, including enthusiastic bike gripes who want to be the first on the new span. they may have to wait in line. >> it ends short of treasure island. if the capacity reaches a certain number, we will restrict access for a bit and start and in and out procedure. >> the pike path is scheduled to open on '10:00 a.m. on september
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23rd. no skateboarding but roller blading is allowed. the current bridge will be shut down for five full days and it closes at 8:00 p.m. on wednesday. it stays closed through the labor day weekend and the new span will open by 5:00 a.m. on tuesday, september 3rd. still to come here at 5:00, a story to make you bay area proud. >> what i thought was a devastating event in my life when i got laid off was actually a blessing. >> down and out but not for good. how this woman has managed to turn her life around along with thousands of others. >> also -- say thank you, without them i wouldn't be here. >> she chairs her story with nbc. what hannah anderson reswrieshls about the week she was held against her will. and a shocking admission from the army private that likes classified material to which i can oh whiikileaks.
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a letter that claims a bombshell announcement. bradley manning sent it to "the today show" one day after he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified material. the army private says he wants to be called chelsea and live the remainder of his life as a woman. daniel lee has more on the announcement and the debate it's prompting about transgender equality. >> reporter: after struggle with gender identity for yeeshs and posing in a picture wearing lipstick and a blond wig, brandly manning now called chelsea, officially announced plans to change genders through a statement read on "the today show." >> i want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. >> reporter: those words set off a debate about transgender civil rights. unlike the federal bureau of prison, which by policy considers hormone therapy for inmates the army does not.
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>> this is the united states. we do not deny access to health care to prisoners in any context. >> the courts have looked at this in state and federal prison and found that it is -- it's necessary medical treatment. >> reporter: the army private was sentenced to 35 years in prison yesterday for leaking thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. they explained why he waited until today to make this public announcement. >> chelsea didn't want to have this be something that year shadowed the case. >> reporter: an army spokesperson said he'll do time in a male facility in fort leave ven worth but referred to in a gender-neutral way. the soldier fighting the sentence now begins a public fight to be accepted as a female. in washington, i'm daniel lee. southern kraechlt teenager hannah anderson thanks the people that rescued here when she was kidnapped. >> i want to thank the horseman and the amber alert and the
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sheriff and the fbi. >> she spoke exclusively to the today show about her relationship with her, duck tore, dimaggio. the rampage began in the san diego neighborhood of boulevard whether he killed hannah's mother and breesh and set the house on fire afterwards. investors revealed they found letters from hannah in dimaggio's destroyed home. >> in the letters were from like a year ago when me and my mom were not getting along. me and him would talk about how to deal with it and i would tell him how i felt about it and he helped me through it. they were not anything bad. they were to help me through tough times. >> police in idaho killed dimaggio in a shootout. the full interview son our website, all you have to do is search hannah anderson. a million of anything, even something small, address up to a lot so imagine then what a
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million good deeds adds up to. >> that's how they measure success at one south bay soup kitchen. a million meals every four years thanks in large part to a woman who brought her corporate experience. >> jessica, ms. cruz says one day while work, for hp her manager asked her about her long-term goals. almost off-handedly she said she wanted to do nonprofit work. sometimes words have a way of becoming deeds and in her case, literally, millions of people are less hungry because of it. it's tonight's "bay area proud." if there's one thank you walk away with after spending the day at martha's kitchen, it's that good work and easy work are far from the same thing. something jose garcia can demonstrate for you with a meat slicer and a few dozen pounds of
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roast pork. >> i've been at it for about an hour and a half and i got about 45 minutes still. >> reporter: that sure is a lot of sliced meat but the folks at martha's kitchen will need it, not to mention the hundreds of potatoes and gallons s of soup go with it because when they open their doors later today, 300 people will come through them looking for a meal. it's a drill that's practiced twice a week at this location, san jose's sacred heart church but that's only a fraction of a what they do around here thanks in large part to the influence of martha's kitchen's executive director adida cruz. >> i see her in martha's kitchen. >> after a career at high-tech firms like ibm, apple and hp, she got some bad news in the early part of the last decade. >> what i thought was a devastating event in my life when i got laid off was actually
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a blessing. >> a blessing because she says while she always thought about nonprofit work, she doesn't think she would have jumped at this job unless she didn't have it. she has smooetly introduced the efficiency of the corporate world to the compassion of the nonprofit. when she started at martha's kitchen a dozen years ago they turned out roughly a thousands meals a year. they now do more than ten times that. 250,000 meals a year, that's a million meals every four years! all with a staff of just six. but, army of volunteers. >> it's a very selfish feeling because i feel good! but is are have to tell you that without the support of the community, our doors would close. >> she says she and her crew are already looking for ways to boost their output to another
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100,000 meals in the next two years, something far from easy but likely to do a world of good. >> of course, they do it with the help of volunteers and fundraisers and they have a big fundraiser coming up next tuesday at the silicon valley chef competition. if you're interested, that might be fun to visit. >> that's remarkable, the output snee 100,000. >> another 100,000 every two years. >> they'll just keep adding on. we'll check in with jeff ranieri to see what's going on in our neck of the woods. here's the yosemite world? >> as we saw, the video showing us cloud tops froot fire at 30,000 feet. the good news for us back here at home is any kind of thunderstorm threat has now left us. the storm that was offshore for nine days lifted off mere to parts of oregon and washington, keeping most of the lightning across medford and eugene and
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portland and we're looking at clear skies currently and that will give us very incredible results for our friday forecast. starting off at near 60 for tomorrow morning with a low cloud from the coastline back to the interior valueousley. sunny skies and we'll hold on to cloud cover throughout the late morning by the bay with temperatures in the mid 60s. live skycam are network looking impressive in san jose. we have a bit of haze but air quality not suffering too much at this hour. off to the north, we have winds, 15 to 30, especially across the hills of the peninsula and you see the marine layer tack up at 1500 feet. a flawless view in san francisco with plenty of blue sky. the system as it moved off to the north helped to drag out the marine layer for a good part of the kwlooirn and it's beautiful this afternoon. as far as the fog forecast goes for friday, the immediate coastline will have low cloud
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cover. we highlight north bay counties. by the afternoon, it will be a small shred of the bay that will have that areas of fog lingering. it looks like we'll get sunshine around santa rosa to half moon bay and we'll find cloud cover in the forecast. warmer temperatures expected throughout friday namely in the southbound and not quite 90s. if you're out in the sun, 84 in san jose. it will feel like the upper 80s. 79 in palo alto and morgan hill, 86. gilroy, 87. evergreen, low 80s. east bay, 83. pleasant on to pleasanton, 83. the weekend around the corner, it going to be nice. san francisco, 69 for you. 81 in sonoma and 84 in napa. all of the heat next week will stay way off to the south and unusual dip in the
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1kw4r50i6r7b8g will stay across northern california. no sign triple did jagits. on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, temperatures in the mid 80s with low to mid 60s at our coastline. so smooth and steady throughout next week. who has your back? >> you always do. closing the gap. the gift from facebook that the company homes will go a long way to close the digital divide.
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the bay area's digital divide is a little smaller thanks to facebook and a bunch of laptops. the park social networking giant
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donated does defense of laptops to the eighth graders in east palo alto. the mac books are property of the students so they can use them in the class and probably a lot at home. facebook says they see the donation as an investment in the future of silicon valley. >> could mark zuckerberg created facebook if he didn't have a i computer? by giving this technology to kids, we're accomplishing a number of things. one, we're creating a level playingfield. >> east palo alto has wi-fi. and the school administrators say they want to help the students families get wi-fi access in their homes. >> the pied piper is in a san francisco hotel this evening. workers today unloaded the newly-restored painting the pied booi piper of hamlin. it will be at the palace hotel where it was for more than a
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century and in april it was sent away to be auctioned off. local art lovers and my historians and they will have the unveiling tonight. you might want to go and check it out. >> have a drank. >> back neemt. back in a moment. triple again.
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do you see the 10% back in points, plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears.
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we must face the fact in reality, you cannot have economic and political equality without having some social
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equality. >> that's martin luther king jr. on nbc's "meet the press" flee days before his historic march on washington back in 1963. next wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of the march and the land mark "i have a dream" speech. ahead of the milestone a group of students at san jose state university set out to answer the question. has his dream been fulfilled? >> what do you mean he's been stabbed? >> what would dr. martin luther king jaermt say about the widespread violence devastated communities across the nation? >> we're here together. we're online tied. >> this 30-minute documentary inspired by that question. >> i wonder if a lot of this is happening because we've let over youth down to some extent? >> seven photo journalism interviewed people torn apart by stabbings here in the bay area and they attended prayer vigils and peace rallilies. >> the community has answers.
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we have to bring the community together and solve the problem. >> for the students, this was a life-changing experience and one they hope affects change in their community. >> i feel instead of like what he taught us was take our hands out of our pocket. we should love one another. what we do today is pulling guns out of our pocket. >> a community banding together will break apart the violence happening today and i didn't realize that coming into this. >> this weekend, nbc bay area will reair the "meet the press" interview with dr. martin luther king jeermt unedited in igts entirety "remembering the dream "on sunday morning at 7:30. >> something you don't want to miss. for sure. quickly, jeff. a couple warnings? >> good news. we're clearing out from the lightning threat. temperatures in the upper 80s and then heading to saturday and sunday, gradually, the trend will show a cooling result throughout next week and we'll hold steady near the averages.
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>> thanks for joining us. "the nightly news" is next. >> see you at 6:00. on the broadcast tonight -- out of control and running out of cash to fight the worst fire eyes of the world on the atroci in syria. new bombings in the villages where so many children died. and tonight, what could be new evidence. the surprise moment live on the "today" show. the revelation that the man who exposed u.s. military secrets now says he is a woman. should he get hormone treatment in prison? and telling her story. an nbc news exclusive. kidnapping survivor hannah anderson sets the record straight for the first time since her harrowing ordeal. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york,

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